Our Partners





New Energy Synergy

New Energy Synergy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (NES) is a Chinese company focused on the development, investment, construction and operation of clean energy and environment protection industry in China.


CETEX Petrochemical Company Pvt. Ltd


CETEX Petrochemical Company Pvt. Ltd. (CETEX) is an India based manufacturer of specialty and aromatic chemicals.  CETEX is the largest manufacturer of methyl ethyl keytone (MEK) and secondary butyl alcohol (SBA) in India and a supplier of high quality butane as a by-product of its SBA production which is sold as LPG.


With offices in Beijing and Inner Mongolia, the business sectors of NES are in hydro power plant, solar power plant, biomass power plant, coal mine methane treatment and utilization, landfill treatment and utilization, waste treatment and utilization projects and other environment protection projects. The members of NES have significant experience the renewable energy sector in China.






AsiaRenewables, via Asia Greentech Pte., Ltd. (our joint venture with Green Gas International), has joined with the principals of CETEX to develop a 4x6MW biomass-fired power generation project at the CETEX complex in Manali, Chennai in Tamil Nadu State.  Asia Greentech will own 70% of the project, the first phase of which is slated for commercial operation in the early second quarter of 2011.  A second project in southern Tamil Nadu State is being developed at this time and is expected to become operational in late 2011-early 2012.

CETEX’s focus on high quality, value and safety makes it a perfect fit with AsiaRenewables for developments in India.  These projects and our relationship with CETEX fit well with AsiaRenewables investment strategy of building replicable projects that use biowaste materials to generate power in markets that reward renewable energy generators, like Tamil Nadu State and several other markets in Southeast Asia.    We also see this relationship as strengthening our pipeline of projects that utilize waste streams for power generation and thus use waste to replace fossil fuels.



Green Gas International

Green Gas International (GGI) is a EU-based company specializing in utilizing methane emissions such as from coal mines and landfill sites. GGI owns and/or operates roughly 50 projects generating more than 120MW of power from landfill gas, wastewater treatment and coalmine methane.


We have incorporated in Singapore an equity joint venture company, “Asia Greentech Pte. Ltd.”, with Green Gas which holds certain renewable energy and carbon abatement assets. Asia Greentech is under the joint management and ownership of Green Gas and Asia Renewables, complementing our skill set with strong technical skills in operations, fuel supply management and construction management, and rigorous and methodical project implementation strategies.