Internship Experience


As all of our team have internship experiences either at AsiaRenewables or at other institutions, we are therefore well familiar with both the positive and negative aspects of an internship program. As such, we run our program to reflect what we would like to achieve from such an experience as well. Our program is made to be a full and honest exposure to our work for the intern including direct participation in actual work experiences.



We offer a challenging, fast-paced yet collegial environment developed through teamwork. Organizationally, we are extremely flat, with no artificial boundaries set on interns in terms of what they are “not allowed” to do. We do not discount intern participation and measure all work through results, be it from the Managing Directors or interns. On the other hand, we do not make allowances for interns to excuse themselves behind their designation either. Regardless of background or major, we view interns as intelligent and motivated individuals who, with proper guidance, should be fully able to contribute to both a meaningful experience for themselves and to the firm and its clients. Simply, we value interns as a part of our team and they share fully in both the successes as well as attendant demands from what we do as a firm.


As a boutique, we all wear many hats and work varies depending on the project at hand.  Interns fully share in such experiences and do so on a very fair basis.  As the new entrants to the firm, interns are expected to bear the “grunt” work as well -- just as we have all done as interns in the program.  Interns routinely work extremely heavy hours - just as we also do in our work.  Simply, the interns fully share the experience of our full-time staff.


Although primarily based in our Singapore office, interns also travel for our work and may also spend meaningful period of work in our other offices as well as our project sites in the region.


A Typical Day
Rather than a rigid or formal program, our interns are integrated into the firm and trained directly with others. We encourage interns to try to work in developing a substantive research area, either from our suggestions or from their own interests. Feedback is often instantaneous, candid, and intended to develop real skills as quickly as possible. We regularly host internal presentation sessions where interns’ presentation skills are challenged. The sessions are often severe and substantive - the objective being that by the end of their program, each intern would be in a position to make actual external presentations. Past interns have successfully led actual substantive presentations to sitting Government Ministers and CEOs of listed corporations and developed new areas of business as well.



With the depth of our experience in emerging markets Asia, energy and carbon, and with our multi-national, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic firm environment, we believe we provide an unparalleled insider's approach to truly experience and understand project development and investment in Asia, as it is actually practiced.  Interns are given extensive responsibilities and will be stretched intellectually.  We truly empower and challenge our people to exceed their own expectations and actively encourage under due supervision, development of client management skills.



What Our Interns Have To Say: