Energy & Infrastructure



Nitric Acid recovery plant facility



also leverages on its Asia specialized industry knowledge and expertise in energy and industrial infrastructure related activities such as for the chemicals, oil & gas, and other natural resources sectors. Investments in such sectors are evaluated and considered separately.


We also participate with our co-investors and partners in direct private equity investments, investing in companies that have a long-term capital intensive industrial infrastructure profile.  In addition to the returns profile of such investments, our focus is on such investments which contribute to the overall heavy industrial infrastructure development of the region.  Historically, our related companies have invested in several such industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, electric generation equipment manufacturing, and land development for industrial manufacturing


Within the spirit of our corporate focus, our interest preference is to participate not only in the capital investment, but where applicable, have an ability to enhance the operations of such businesses with respect to climate change and environmentally related activities where such involvement could help the investment itself grow, increase shareholder value, and maximize alignment of such business with the principles of sustainable development.
Tamil Nadu Investment: Methyl Ethyl Ketone chemical plant in Tamil Nadhu (for captive power)


Our investments in such sectors tend to be on a longer cycle and we exit through traditional capital market means, including, but not limited to, IPOs and private sales.