Carbon Abatement


Municipal solid waste at uncontrolled dump
Landfill gas methane used to generate electricity


Climate change and clean energy will be one of the most significant investment themes over the next decade, underpinned by broad policy consensus at the global, national and local levels.  Business in this sector is affected by the increasing societal and Government pressure to move away from fossil-fuel-based generation and the practical difficulty and cost of replacing coal as the marginal fuel-type. Without stringent renewable energy policies coal-fired generation will not be materially offset by renewable alternatives, which should provide continued upward pressure on the marginal cost of carbon abatement


(illustrated in the Vattenfall carbon abatement curve below).


Since 2002, AsiaRenewable members have been leaders in the field of climate change and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) activities under the Kyoto Protocol as they relate to Asia.  Our current related carbon activities are those ancillary to the projects we develop and invest in rather than as a stand-alone activity.